• Playing with an orchestra

      I played with an orchestra today! I played Twinkle Lullaby by The Piano Guys. It was really cool to be in the performance with violinists, cellists, and a bassist. Before I went on stage I was really nervous but once I got out on stage I really got into the music. It is the same feeling I have before I perform ballet. Before you go on stage you are really nervous but once you get out on stage you don’t feel nervous any more. I worked really hard perfecting my piece. I cannot wait to have this opportunity again.      

  • BunFlowerz : I’m a Bunfriend TM

    Would you like to spice up your look during dance class? Check out www.bunflowerz.com for a really cute way to dress up your ballet bun.  I just ordered these three featured below. I cannot wait to get them! Anna does a great job designing these cool hair accessories.  There not only for dancers.  I’ll share pictures once I receive them. Follow @bunflowerz and @BallerinaAnna on Instagram You can use my special Bunfriendz TM discount code DanceHarlem for 15% off all your BunFlowerz orders!      

  • ABRSM Piano Exam Day!

      Today I took my ABRSM (Associated Board of the Royal School of Music) Grade 3 Piano exam. So nervous! I really want to get a good score. I practiced for many months for an exam that only took about 20 minutes. The judges come from England to test us. We are tested on Scales and Arpeggios, Aural, Sight Reading and 3 piano pieces. The pieces I played were Vivace, Poco Allegro, and Zur Sonnenuntergangsstunde. I felt great after the exam, but looking at the judge I couldn’t tell what he thought. So, I’ll be waiting patiently for my grade. I’ll share when I get it. I’d like to say…