• Tomatoes and cucumbers and hot peppers, OH MY!

    Today my family and I started our garden. We do this every summer,and it’s really cool watching all the veggies grow. This year we expanded our planting area so we have more space to plant. Somehow, despite my Grandmere deciding that we would not plant tomatoes this year we ended up with 12, yes I said 12, tomato plants. *Taking a long look at my mommy here* So, I may as well tell you what else we planted. You know about the tomatoes already, we have 8 Scotch Bonnet plants and sowed a lot of seeds, 4 cucumber plants, 3 eggplants, and 2 watermelon plants. It’s our first year planting…

  • Field Day at School

    It was Field Day today at my school.  We all look forward to the fun and games and competition.  Our school colors are Green & Gold. When you enter 4th grade which is Middle School at my school, you get chosen for either the Green or Gold team. Can you guess which team I’m on?     Here  I am with some of my friends.  

  • Spring Ballet Performance

        My Spring Performance at the Dance Theatre of Harlem: The theme was Alphabet Soup. Every level danced a group of letters (from A-Z) which had different meanings. My level was S-T, which meant Simply Technique. It was really fun. We wore beautiful costumes, purple romantic tutus with jewels and diamonds on them. AND I GOT TO KEEP IT AHHHHHH!!!!!! I really love my dance and loved the costume. I had so much fun.