• Camp

    I am going to be at sleep away camp tomorrow for two weeks. I’m so excited!  This is my first year going to sleep away camp. I am going to Great Books. I am going to the one in Amherst, Massachusetts on the Amherst College campus. There is also one in California but my parents think it it too far. Also there is one in London but that is for the students who are in high school. Great Books are held on college campuses so I will be staying in a college campus dorm.  Yayy!  I am soooo excited. Great books is about reading great literature  and discussing works.  I love to read, so…

  • Piano Recital

    Today I had my piano recital. I played Twinkle Lullaby. I was really nervous when I got on stage even though I have played this piece in front of an audience before. This was what I was saying to myself the whole time when I was playing: “Don’t mess up, don’t mess up , don’t mess up”. Also my heart was pounding I thought everyone could hear it. But after playing I felt really good. I hope you guys have an amazing summer! Gabriella, the pianist  

  • Building structure for a plant

      Today my dad built a trellis for our cucumbers and tomatoes. A trellis is a structure that a plant, usually a vine or vine plant, can wrap itself around so if doesn’t fall over. I helped my dad build the trellis. We but the polls into the ground and then put some polls across and tied them together with twine. It was a lot of work.  But I took some breaks when I was helping my dad (maybe 10 breaks shhh!). Bye! Farmer Gabriella      

  • Update on my backyard garden!

      Here are some pictures of my backyard garden, or as I like to call it my mini farm. It has grown so much. All of the tomatoes are still alive, despite some of our wishes (we weren’t planning on having so many tomato plant, thanks Mom!) In these pictures  are some of the plants that have grown or changed the most from when we first planted them. Enjoy!  If you have a garden you should try to plant some of these vegetables and fruit too. Farmer Gabriella  

  • NYC Summer Tourist, First Stop: Brooklyn Botanical Garden

    So this summer, I want to tour New York City like I’m a tourist. When you live someplace you take for granted all the wonderful things that are right under your nose. I figure if tourists love coming here than I should check my hometown too. Stay tuned for all the great places to go in NYC. This will be my Summer in NYC Travel Blog! First Stop: Brooklyn Botanical Garden I went to the Brooklyn Botanical Garden with my family today. It was absolutely beautiful. I love being around nature, plants, birds and sunny skies. I could spend the entire day here. Wouldn’t it be great if this were…