• Barbados,  Summer Vacation

    Week 1 of Barbados

    So I went to Barbados and I am staying there for 11 days. I am going to post every week what I have done each day! Day 1: Sunday Today we got to Barbados at 2:30am. I was really excited and couldn’t believe that I was there. It was my first time out of the country so I was even more excited. We took a taxi to the hotel and when we got to the hotel and the taxi drove off when we realize that my brother left his bag in the taxi. We didn’t have the drivers phone number so we couldn’t call her. So my dad and brother had…

  • Me

    Who are my subscribers?

    I’d love to know who’s following and reading my blog.  Comment below and say hi!  Who knows I might feature you in one of my posts.  Also I promise to update my blog more frequently.  My mom was right, it is a lot of work keeping up with a blog.  But I’m loving it.  Also stay tuned I’ll be posting the pictures to my last couple of posts, sorry they have been so bland (without pictures)   Blog you soon! Gabriella

  • Ballet,  Ballet Summer Intensive,  Dance Theatre of Harlem

    The 3rd Week of the Dance Theatre of Harlem Summer Intensive

    The 3rd week was so much fun. I know more people and I almost got used to the schedule.I wake up at 6:30am, leave for DTH at 7:30, arrive at 8:15 then wait until class starts at 9:00. I don’t finish until 5pm! We finished our modern dance for the street festival and we finished the first part of the ballet piece. We are still working on the 2nd part. I am not in the 2nd part though. I also think we are doing an afro-cuban demonstration. I really hope we are because it is really fun. And its cool to learn a new style of dance from a different…