Dancing At the DTH Gala : Honoring Jessye Norman

Hi guys

So on Tuesday I danced in the DTH Gala. It was amazing and really fun! I had a wonderful time there and I hope I get to do this next year!

So now I am going to tell you what my day was like:

I went to school until lunch time (8:00 – 12:45)

Then my mom picked me up and we got some lunch. (Chipotle)

Then after I eat my mom drove me to DTH.

When I got to DTH only some of my friends were there but after a while everyone got to DTH and we dressed and did our hair.

We got on the van and went to Cipriani’s, where we were going to perform.

When we got there we went into a very nice building.

Then went to our dressing room. Our dressing room was beautiful with comfy sofas, a big mirror, and a bathroom.

We did a run through of our dance on the stage. And we also got corrections and got to fix our spacing.

Then we stayed a little longer and got to see the company’s run through. (ahhhhhhhh)

After the run through we had free time, so I did my homework.

Then we had wraps as a snack before we performed.

Then my friends and I made a scary movie, on my computer in our spare time. It was really fun to make the scary movie and I think we really bonded through are experiences with each other.

Then we fixed our hair, did our makeup, and made sure we had everything we needed.

When it was close to show time we did a run through in the dressing room

Then we got dressed and went down to perform. I didn’t have that many butterflies this time before I performed and I guess it is because the more I perform the less nerve racking it is. And you get use to performing so much it is natural.

dth 2015 9_zpsqnvlzcjp

Then after we performed we were really happy and congratulated each other.

Then we watched a little of the rest of the show behind where the guests were sitting.

Then we went back to the dressing room to:

Take pictures!


Then we went to to take a picture with Jessye Norman!!!!!

dth 2015 2_zpspo6xqfub

After we got dressed I got the privilege to talk to these two ladies, who worked for Microsoft. I shared with them what I wanted to be when I grew up and why.

This was an amazing experience that I am so happy I had the chance to do. I was a little nervous just when I was about to get on stage but then when I was on stage I just danced. I remembered all my steps, I didn’t miss up, and most importantly I had fun.

Twirling away,



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