Hi guys!!!

Hi Guys,

I knew I haven’t blogged in a while but I am going to start blogging more often. So right now I’m at The Museum of Natural History waiting for my classes to start. I’m also drinking hot chocolate 🙂 After class I have Nutcracker rehearsal and I am going to be preforming it at The Apollo. ( I am soooo excited) I have a duet with my friend and it is really fun but the practices are really intense but the rehearsals is with one of my favorite teacher, Mr. Garland.


Also I am in 8th grade and in my school that starts high school so there is a lot more quizzes and tests. And I am getting stressed because I have a lot of out of school activities!!! But I am trying to mange my time better, if you guys have any ideas please leave a comment down below 🙂

Alright I have to get to class now. Sorry for the short post I just wanted to tell you guys what I am doing.

Ok so by 🙂

I hope you enjoyed this post,

Gabriella Alleyne 


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