My Ballet New Year’s Resolutions

Usually, I make New Year’s Resolutions for everything in my life and compile it into one list of things I want to accomplish, become better at, or start. I’ve never made New Year’s Resolutions specifically for ballet. I’ve just said in my list I want to get better, but I don’t say how I want to achieve this nor the steps I have to take to make this happen. This year, I want to make a list of resolutions just for ballet so I can do just that and share it with all of you. I split up my Resolutions into 7 sections: flexibility, strength, health, technique, ballet class, performance, and social media.

My Ballet New Year’s Resolutions:

Get my oversplits in all splits (right, left, and middle)

  • Do my splits every day and each couple of days make the oversplit height higher  

Get a high arabesque

  • Use the flexistretcher at least 6 times a week  
  • Do the arabesque stretch workout every week

Get my back more flexible

  • Do the backstretch workout every week

Get a better arch

  • Stretch my feet every day (with the foot stretcher)

Stretch everyday

  • Before class or when you get home from school

On breaks stretch and take some classes

  • Keep up by taking classes at STEPS and doing Pilates and cardio

Make feet and ankle stronger

  • Do feet strengthening exercises before class each day

Become stronger

  • Pilates classes every week at STEPS or with my instructor
  • Ab workout (100 crunches) a day

Be healthier

  • Get a healthier diet (do not eat as much artificial sugar, prosessed foods, or fried foods)
  • Feed your body food that will give it good energy
  • Complete my 3rd year as being a Pescatarian
  • Get sleep (especially if I have ballet the next day) → at least 6-7 hours


Improve my technique

  • No sickling
  • Make sure to stretch my legs in each position
  • Work on the little steps in-between the big movements
  • Always pointe my feet
  • Take ballet class on pointe

Ballet Class
Find good pointe shoes

  • Get Freed pointe shoes before January ends

Be fully present in class each day and put in my best effort
Improve pirouettes  

  • Goal: 4 pirouettes on flat by end of May
  • Goal: 3-4 pirouettes on pointe by end of May

Stop comparing myself to others (the best I can)

  • Only compare me to myself

After class do my exercises

  • The calf exercises from PT
  • The quad stretch

Try not to miss so many ballet classes (Junior year is hard but push through)

Become a better performer

  • Artistry
  • Focus on details while dancing
  • Focus on the in-between steps
  • Get in the zone before I go on stage
  • Make sure I am warm before going on stage

Social Media
Become a Discount Dance Ambassador

  • Fill out the form and submit before the end of January

Do more photoshoots

  • Nicki Bosch
  • Mikayla K
  • TaKiyah

Focus more on this blog

  • Post a blog post at least once a week
  • Make a schedule (to post on a specific day and at a specific time)

Focus more on my ballet Instagram

  • Post at least 5 times a week (4 posts from after class and 1 photoshoot picture)
  • Respond to comments
  • Respond to my DMs

Feel free to use these Resolutions for yourself and tweak them to fit your goals for 2019. I think everyone should make a list of New Year’s Resolutions and most people do but forgot about or drop their goals they made at the beginning of the year. Yes goals can change and things can not go according to plan, but I think you are more likely to achieve your goals if you make specific steps about how you’re going to achieve it. If you make any ballet New Year’s Resolutions or decide to use any of mine comment in the comment section below this post. I hope you enjoyed this blog post and seeing my ballet New Year’s Resolutions for 2019. Don’t forget to subscribe to this blog so that you are notified when I post a new blog post. Also, leave a comment down below if you have any blog post topics you would like me to write on. Love you guys.


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