Not so funny story: DTH Summer Intensive Week 2

Today before Pointe Class I couldn’t find my other toe pad.  Ballerinas you know exactly how that feels, we’ve all been there.   I asked around and nobody had in extra. So I looked in my bag and found a scrunchie and used it as a toe pad. My friends didn’t think it was a good idea. At first I didn’t want to go up on pointe because I thought it would hurt or feel uncomfortable. But it actually felt better then the toe pad. So I just might keep wearing srunchies instead of toe pads. Or I might get a pad that has more cushioning.

UPDATE: A  little tip to you: you might not want to try scrunchies but try different padding for your pointe shoes to get whats right for you. I got blisters, OUCH!  Note to self:  Buy extra toe pads!

Twirling away,

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