Tips for Auditioning for a Ballet Summer Intensives

Hi guys,

So I know it is summer intensive auditioning season so I deiced to do a post on tips for auditioning for ballet summer intensives. I learned all these tricks from my own experiences.

My first tip: Make sure you are prepared for your audition. Go on the website for the school you are auditioning for and make sure you know what color leotard you are suppose to have, what color tights, ballet shoes, and pointe shoes you need. And check if you need pointe shoes and/or a picture of you in first arabesque or a head shot.

I couldn’t do the Boston Ballet summer intensive audition because I wasn’t prepared. So I learned my lesson and made sure I had everything ready a week before any audition.

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What you might need:

  • Leotard
  • Tights (maybe in extra incase your first one rips)
  • Soft Shoes
  • Pointe Shoes (if needed)
  • Gel
  • Bobby Pins
  • Anything that helps you stretch for the audition

My second tip: Get to the audition early so you can stretch, also so you don’t have to be stressed and run into the audition at the last second. Get there about an hour before the audition. Also you should get there early because you don’t want a high audition number because then you can’t really be seen as well because you would be in the back.

When I was auditioning for Chautauqua and Charlotte Ballet (they were a combined audition) I didn’t get there early but right on time and I was rushing and stressing because I thought I was going to miss it, because they were closing the door. So for the next auditions I got there an hour before.

My third tip: Try to be seen. Put your self out their so they can notice you. But don’t be over the top. But do your best and don’t be shy and feel like you are showing off. Because your suppose to be showing the judges what you can do.

My fourth tip: Remember the combination. You should always try to remember the combination because once you know the combination you can perfect it and look like you know what you are doing, instead of looking around and not knowing what to do because the judges will notice.

My fifth tip: Do your best and don’t get intimidated by others. Focus on your self and you doing your best. I know it is hard but you should still try. Like with me at Washington School of Ballet the summer intensive audition was ages 13-22 and I was the youngest or one of the youngest people there. And I was 12 in that audition, but I focused on my goal and what I needed to do. And I also looked at the other people auditioning to see if I could learn from them.

My sixth tip:  Have fun. Just remember to have fun. Look like you are pleasant and having fun because you are dancing because it makes you happy and you enjoy it. But you don’t need to put on a toothy grin, but look pleasant, and wear a tiny smile.

I hope this helped you do better at your audition. If you have any question about summer intensives or summer intensive auditions you can always comment and I will answer. Also if you got into any summer intensives please comment, maybe we might be going to the same one.

Twirling away,


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