Ballet Summer Intensive Results (Where I am Going)

Hey guys,

It is the end of January and I finished all of my summer intensives auditions! I have had an amazing experience auditioning for different ballet schools this year. I had so much fun and I feel like I improved from those auditions and realize what I need to continue to improve. I definitely suggest auditioning for at least one summer intensive because even if you don’t get in, it is just like taking a master class.

This year I auditioned for 7 places!!! (I know that’s a lot ?) I auditioned for Houston Ballet, Boston Ballet, Miami City Ballet, Pacific Northwest Ballet, Charlotte Ballet, Chautauqua School of Dance, and The Washington Ballet. And this year I’m going to Boston Ballet’s Summer Intensive!!! I am so excited because this year I really want to work on my technique and take advantage of this opportunity to really grow as a ballet dancer.

I was surprised that so many of my auditions were solely on pointe. I have never taken technique classes only on pointe before, so that was a different experience for me. Now once a week I’m taking my technique class on pointe so I can improve.

This year I had an amazing audition experience. And next year I hope I can audition for more places and improve even more.

Comment down below what summer intensive you are going to this year!

I hope you enjoyed this post,

Gabriella Alleyne 



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