My Summer Intensive Experience at Miami City Ballet

Hi guys,

This summer I went to Miami City Ballet’s Summer Intensive. This was my second away from home summer intensive. It was an amazing experience. In this blog post I am just going to talk about the classes. In a later post I will share my experience at the dorms, and meeting new friends. Also, before I get into this post I vlogged my experience at Miami City Ballet  this summer on YouTube.  You can check out my vlogs at LifeAsGabi.

Before I arrived in Miami I was nervous.   I was going to be 18 hours away (driving) from my family, I didn’t know if my roommate would be nice (she is one of my best friends now), and I didn’t dance for 2 months before the summer intensive because I injured my hip. So, I think I had some good reasons for being nervous. On move-in day my roommate and I barely spoke. That night my roommate, Lily, would ask me a question I would answer and then we got back to what we were doing. You could say we (well I) didn’t really make that much of an effort to get to know each other. Even though we emailed each other before we came.

After a very awkward night, we had placement class. Placement class wasn’t as bad as I expected. It wasn’t the best class for me but I think I did better than I could have expected. I was placed in a level that was right for me. I was placed in Level 3 with Lily and my other friend Reynu. Lily and I met Reynu as we were waiting for the bus.   Reynu knew someone I was friends with at Washington School of Ballet, small ballet world.

I am not going to go into detail about every night, but I am going to talk about the classes. The classes were challenging and really pushed me to be a better dancer.  There was a lot of focus on technique and artistry.  There were a lot of girls in our level (37!) so you have to work for the teacher’s attention which was good because that made me work even harder.

Before I arrived in Miami I bought new pointe shoes (Grishko) and I didn’t wear them until I got to Miami. They were NOT the best fit for me, they twisted on my foot even though looked good at the fitting. You never know about a shoe until you dance in them.  I worked the hardest I could in those pointe shoes and tried to make it work.

We had the traditonal Technique and Pointe classes as well as Variations.   I really like Variations because I don’t get it at my studio during the year. I really liked learning all of the variations even though they were pretty challenging. In addition to Techique, Pointe and Variations we also had Jazz, Floor Barre, Pilates, Stretching, and Yoga. In Jazz we learned Jazz technique. And I thought that was really interesting because I don’t get Jazz technique at my studio and I have never taken a Jazz technique class. It was challenging in the beginning but it was really fun when I got some of the technique down and got to have fun with it.

Floor Barre, Pilates, Stretching and Yoga were our cool down classes. We had these classes at the end of the day. They were all really fun classes. In Yoga we went to the park and did yoga outside. We also had Yoga at the beach. The beach was only 2 blocks away from Miami City Ballet! In Pilates, one of our ballet teachers was teaching it so she did things that would specially help us with our technique in ballet. I was rexcitedxicted for floor barre because I have never taken it before, it was a perfect class to take after my injury.  We started off really slowly but I really liked it and I want to take some classes here in New York.


We stayed at The University of Miami. The dorms were not amazing but it was a fun experience because I got to know a lot of people that weren’t just in my level.

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