Pointe Magazine: April/May Issue


I just got my Pointe Magazine yesterday. So excited!  I look forward to reading it every month.

One of my favorite articles this month in the Your Training section is “All in the Details, How to break bad ballet habits” on page 60. It is a very good article explaining some of the most popular bad habits that ballerinas have.

The bad habits discussed in the article are:

Raised shoulders

Floppy wrists

Sickled feet

Bent knee in arabesque

The article shares great tips on how to train your body to get rid of these habits.  I cannot wait to try them out in my next class.  I think it’ll be very helpful to me.

As a ballerina we are constantly improving our technique.  Ballet looks easy but it is very difficult.  Ballerinas work extremely hard to make it look effortless.


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