Scholastic Art and Writing Awards

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I know I didn’t post for a while. Because I was really busy with school but I am going to make more of an effort to post more (at least every week).

Last year (December) I  submitted my work into the Scholastic Art and Writing Awards. The Scholastic Art and Writing Awards is a contest where you can submit your work and compete with kids in grades 7-12. You can submit art, poetry, short stories, videos, etc. I submitted my poetry and I didn’t know if I was going to get an award because I am in 7th grade competing against 8th, 9th, 10th, 11th, and 12th graders.

But today I just found out I got two honorable mentions on my poetry.

I am extremely excited and happy. My friends also got honorable mentions and sliver and gold keys in their art work, pictures, short stories, and videos. And some of them are going to nationals.  I am so happy for them as well.

These are the poems I got honorable mentions on:

3 words

Love hate cryptic

All the words she is

The words of meaning of  thoughtfulness

All the words she said when she left me

All the words she said to guide me

Every word she said had meaning


She only know those 3 words

That he said to her

That he spoke to her

I often think did she love me did she care for me

Or did she just want to get away

And if so

She accomplished it

She left me

To fight my own battles

To live a life without

Feeling the weight of her burden on me

I remember when

I got home from school

I had to make dinner

Do laundry and wash the dishes

Feed her

She didn’t understand anything

I couldn’t talk to her about my struggles

I just had to care for her

In stead of the other way around

But now I regret asking her to leave

I regret leaving her everyday

Because when I come back

she’s gone

My Life: Inspired by Breakfast in Bed by Mary Cassette

I watch my daughter stare off in the distance

Wondering where life will lead her

The options


Life will bring

And me

I have past my years of wondering





I am willing to provide a life better then mine

For my only daughter

My husband off at work

Expecting me to do everything

Not caring that I have

So many things on my mind

On my plate

Expecting me to have everything done by the time he gets home

Not a care in the world about what I think

What I have to say

But it all comes back to my daughter

I can’t let my husband’s



Affect me

For my daughter’s sake

I have to forget about my husband’s pompous ways

And protect my daughter

And prepare her for the years to come


If you would like to enter into this contest or if you want to learn more about this contest here is the link to the website:


!Talk to you guys later!





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