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A couple weeks ago  I had sooo many quizzes and tests, I had a quiz, test, or both each day. And I had to really stay organized to get through the week.  I am going to share some study tips I used to get through the week.


My first tip for you guys is making flash cards. I think you should either make paper flashcards or you can make them online. There is an amazing website called Quizlet and you can make flashcards and it tests you and has some fun games to help you remember the words or information you are studying. Best thing is it’s free!

Quizlet Link:


My next tip is while you are studying you should find a quiet space where you are not distracted and try to put your phone away from you so you are not tempted. Also, I know it helps some people to listen to music while studying.

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My next tip is to break up your studying and not doing it all at once.  Space out your studying and don’t do it all on the night before. Start studying at least 4 days before so you can just review on the night before instead of cramming.  Avoid procrastination!


You should also take breaks while studying so you can clear your head. I noticed it helps so you’re not so stressed out while studying.


My next tip is to study with a partner because you can learn from each other and help each other remember something and it makes studying more fun.


My last tip is to have healthy snacks  and drinks so while you are studying you have something to eat and keeps you hydrated. It helps to do work or studying while you are “full” and you don’t do your best work while you are hungry.


So thank you for reading this blog post on some good study tips. Let me know if this helps you and if you have any more great tips please share them in the comment section.

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