My camp
I am going to be at sleep away camp tomorrow for two weeks. I’m so excited!  This is my first year going to sleep away camp. I am going to Great Books. I am going to the one in Amherst, Massachusetts on the Amherst College campus. There is also one in California but my parents think it it too far. Also there is one in London but that is for the students who are in high school. Great Books are held on college campuses so I will be staying in a college campus dorm.  Yayy!  I am soooo excited. Great books is about reading great literature  and discussing works.  I love to read, so I think this is great camp for me. You do get to do other stuff too like going swimming and go on trips and other fun stuff like that. So I wont be able to post for a while.  I’ll see if my mom will update my blog if I send her some entries while I’m away. See you later!

1st timer at sleep away camp Gabriella

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