NYC Summer Tourist, First Stop: Brooklyn Botanical Garden

Brooklyn Botanical Garden

So this summer, I want to tour New York City like I’m a tourist.

When you live someplace you take for granted all the wonderful things that are right under your nose. I figure if tourists love coming here than I should check my hometown too. Stay tuned for all the great places to go in NYC.

This will be my Summer in NYC Travel Blog! First Stop: Brooklyn Botanical Garden

I went to the Brooklyn Botanical Garden with my family today. It was absolutely beautiful. I love being around nature, plants, birds and sunny skies. I could spend the entire day here. Wouldn’t it be great if this were my backyard?

First we went to the Rose Garden, my favorite section. The flowers were so beautiful. I was taking pictures of every single flower (literally). Then we walked over to Cherry Blossom Lane, we missed all the cherry blossoms this spring but I still enjoyed walking through the trees and of course cartwheeling and grand jeteing (leaping for you non ballet readers)in the grass. To a ballerina the entire world is a stage. And if you really listen the chirping of the birds do sound like music.

I think my second favorite section is the Japanese Garden. It was very beautiful. The have a pond with Koi in it, that swim over when you come by. You can walk through it and you definitely can forget you’re in Brooklyn. It’s a great place to take pictures. I had so much fun.

We also went to a man made bird’s nest. It was so cool! It was made from the fallen trees that fell during Sandy. I think it was a good use of material instead of just throwing the fallen trees out. When you go to the garden, this is a must see. It is HUGE! You can climb up the steps into it. It would have been great if I was able to watch them build it.

And OMG! They are expanding the Children’s Garden and Discovery Garden. So excited! When I was younger I used to spend my summer gardening in the Children’s Garden. I have really great memories from that time and I can’t wait until Aidan and Nathalia do it too.

See you at my next stop.

If you have any ideas on where I should go next leave me a comment.


Gabriella, NYC Traveller



Ballet in the Rose Garden
Ballet in the Rose Garden


The Bird's Nest, Can you see me and Aidan?
The Bird’s Nest, Can you see me and Aidan?




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