• Ballet,  Dance Theatre of Harlem

    Dancing At the DTH Gala : Honoring Jessye Norman

    Hi guys So on Tuesday I danced in the DTH Gala. It was amazing and really fun! I had a wonderful time there and I hope I get to do this next year! So now I am going to tell you what my day was like: I went to school until lunch time (8:00 – 12:45) Then my mom picked me up and we got some lunch. (Chipotle) Then after I eat my mom drove me to DTH. When I got to DTH only some of my friends were there but after a while everyone got to DTH and we dressed and did our hair. We got on the van and…

  • Barbados,  Summer Vacation

    Week 1 of Barbados

    So I went to Barbados and I am staying there for 11 days. I am going to post every week what I have done each day! Day 1: Sunday Today we got to Barbados at 2:30am. I was really excited and couldn’t believe that I was there. It was my first time out of the country so I was even more excited. We took a taxi to the hotel and when we got to the hotel and the taxi drove off when we realize that my brother left his bag in the taxi. We didn’t have the drivers phone number so we couldn’t call her. So my dad and brother had…

  • Gardening

    Update on my backyard garden!

      Here are some pictures of my backyard garden, or as I like to call it my mini farm. It has grown so much. All of the tomatoes are still alive, despite some of our wishes (we weren’t planning on having so many tomato plant, thanks Mom!) In these pictures  are some of the plants that have grown or changed the most from when we first planted them. Enjoy!  If you have a garden you should try to plant some of these vegetables and fruit too. Farmer Gabriella