Friendships and Unhealthy Friendships

Hi guys,

While  I was reading Girl Online, it made me think a lot about friendships. And what was an unhealthy friendship.

I have been in some unhealthy friendship through out middle and lower school. Sometimes it is hard to realize you are in a unhealthy friendship. But if you feel like your friend(s) is/are making you feel bad about who you are or you feel like you have to change who you are to be friends with them,

.Two young girls bullying other young girl outdoors

either talk to them about, to see if you can resolve it. Or you could have “Outgrown your best friend” like Zoella said in her book. And that means that your friend has changed or you have changed, and you guys don’t have the same interests any more.

So both of you can find new friends that have the same interests as you. And that you can be yourself around.


Have you ever been in an unhealthy friendship?  If so comment what happened and how you want to fix it, or how you fixed it.

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