DTH Gala: Honoring Jessye Norman

Hi guys

I got invited to dance in the DTH gala honoring Jessye Norman. The gala is this Tuesday and I am really excited because we are also dancing for Jessye Norman. I did this last year as well, but it was for someone else.


We are dancing to one of the songs Jessye Norman sings, Les Nuits D’été, Op.7: I. Villanelle. The countings are really challenging. But I really like the choreography and it is a fun piece to do.

Also Mr. Garland is choreographing the piece and I love working with Mr. Garland, he is an amazing choreographer and teacher.


I am really excited to perform at the Gala, but I am also a little nervous but usually when I get on stage my nerves go away, and I just dance.

Wish me luck!

Twirling away,


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