First Official day of High School


Happy Back to School!

Well, I’m officially a High School Freshman!  I’m looking forward to a great year of challenges.  I’m not nervous at all because at my school Upper School begins in 8th Grade.  We get a year to “try out” High School before it officially counts.  So, last year we learned how to navigate Upper School, handle a more demanding schedule and learned how much was expected of us.

This year I’m ready!  I’m taking Latin II, Biology, Geometry, World History II, English (we’re reading some awesome books this year), Coding, InterArts (Dance, Drama, Art), Peer Leadership and Advisory time.  Thankfully, I have a few days with a study hall (it will be needed).

My goals this year are to stay focused, meet with teachers often, keep up with my assignments and readings, study proactively and utilize the resource center if I need help.

I wish you all a successful school year!



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