Moving in ( TWSB – Sunday)

Hi guys.

Today I moved into the AU dorms for the TWSB SI. It was so exciting and a little nerve-racking. I already knew my roommate, so I wasn’t too nervous about mwwrinf. It was cool getting to know her in person. We spent some time talking while our moms got to know each other.  We took a short tour around campus and checked out the Fitness Center and Pool.  Though I won’t be allowed to use them since I’m 13, sigh, next year, I guess.

I came early for check in so I could settle in and pick up a couple of  things I needed before Monday. I got snacks, fruit, lunch, yoga mats, etc.

At 5:30 we had an orientation to talk about the rules, the campus and how you get around. It was interesting , but VERY long.

I think my roommate and I  made the room light and airy and not just a boring old dorm room.

I am very excited and nervous about tomorrow. Tomorrow we have placement class for our levels, they do it by age group, so my group is going first. And there are only 6 people from the dorms in the first group.  Afterwards we all attend a Nutrition Class.

Stay tuned and  I will keep you updated.

See you tomorrow,




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