My Toes HURT AAAAA ( TWSB – Wednesday)

Hi guys,

Today I had technique and pointe with Ms. Arrivillaga again.   I love her classes. She is nice, and gives amazing corrections. She is a great teacher. But my toes were hurting so much. I think my pointe shoes are too small or my toes nails are bruised.  I’ll need to find a resolution for this very soon.

For  lunch, I went to Starbucks with some  friends and I had a tall passionfruit, sweetened iced tea. Which was about 2 dollars, which is really cheap for Starbucks. I also had a delicious salad from whole foods, with carrots, zucchini, etc.

After lunch  I had contemporary. Contemporary was challenging but fun. I really liked it and the teacher was really funny and fun. Afterwards I had modern, which was different from any modern class I have taken. It was really different but interesting.  I’m looking forward to how this all turns out.

After class I went back to the dorms,  took a rest, then went to Panera with some friends and got a chicken caesar salad, one of my faves.

I went back to the dorms,  hung out with my friends for a while and then I got ready for bed.

I hope you enjoyed this blog post,

Gabriella Alleyne 


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