A Hot Day At The Zoo (TWSB – Saturday)

Hi guys,

So today my family and I went to visit the campus where I will be staying for the SI so I could see it before I went tomorrow. Then after, we went down the bus rout I will be taking to TWSB school. And we went into the school to visit.

Then we drove to a subway station parked and took the subway (which is much cleaner then New York’s trains and train station) and went to meet my aunt at Starbucks.

I got a Grande S'mors Frap
I got a Grande S’mors Frap

Then we walked around the zoo and saw Zebras and cheetahs and elephants. We also learned something interesting about cheetahs. We all knew cheetahs were fast, but we didn’t know that one cheetah stride took me 6 strides!!!!!!!!!!!!!

My brother at the starting line!!!
My brother at the starting line!!!

Then on our way back from seeing the elephants we got funnel cake, it was sooooo good, but they put too much sugar on it so while I was walking the sugar was spraying back on me ahhhh!!! And my clothes like, turned white!!!!!

Then we went to lunch, my mom, aunt, and I went to Hot n Juicy. Hot n Juicy is so good, it has sea food. I eat snow crab, shrimp, and blue crab. I almost tried oysters, but then decided against it.

Me and my crab
Me and my crab
My mom and I getting ready to eat
My mom and I getting ready to eat

Then we said by to my aunt and went to get Georgetown Cupcakes. But then in the car the cupcakes tipped over and some of the cupcake frosting got ruined!!!! But they tasted good anyway.

Then I got ready for bed!!!


Gabriella Alleyne 



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