I’m Sick (TWSB – Monday)

Hi guys,

So today I woke up, and I did not feel well. It hurt to swallow. But I went to dance anyway.

So I had ballet, pointe, flamenco, and ballet rehearsal. For ballet I had Ms. Sonder, and I think she is a really good teacher. I like her combinations and she gives good corrections. And her class is really fun. I had pointe with the same teacher. And in that class my feet didn’t hurt anymore because on Friday I figured out my feet were hurting because my toe pads were too thin.

Then I had my first ever flamenco class, it was really fun, but also sooooo challenging. We learned combinations and exercises. And this dance style is really cool and interesting, because I have never done anything like this before.

Then I went to Starbucks with my friends, got a hot tea for my throat, and a parfait. I also had strawberries and a protein bar.

After lunch I had ballet rehearsal. Mr. Torris, the teacher who is teaching the ballet piece, wasn’t here today so we got the lady who taught me my first ballet class, at this SI. SHe cleaned the piece and made sure we had the same arms, etc. Also this dance is on pointe, so she made sure, we are on our box, that we have straight legs, etc.

Then after a long day, my friends needed to go to the post office, so we walked there , they got there stamps. And we were near Tenley Town where we take the shuttle so we walked the rest of the way. And it was humid, then it rained, then it was sunny.

Then we went to Whole Foods and I saw my auntie there, and she was buying groceries for me.

Then we went back to the dorms. and a few minutes later my auntie came with the groceries for me for the week. I was so happy, ( And if you are reading this Thank You SO Much!!!!)

And them I put my groceries in the fridge and cabinet, and I washed my tights and leotard. And know I am resting. And I am also feeling much better, the tea really helped.

I hope you enjoyed this post,

Gabriella Alleyne 




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