Placement Class and Results ( TWSB – Monday)

Hi guys,

Today was placement class to determine our class level. I was so nervous.  It was our first time taking the AU bus, yay!!!! I was pretty nervous during the class and felt a little stiff.  I’m sure I would have done much better had I been taking a class up  until now.  I haven’t taken ballet in almost a month.  But all in all, it was a great class and I’ll stay positive until I get my results.

For lunch, before nutrition, my friends  and I decided to go to The Giant to get some food. And while I was going back I decided to put my phone in the same bag as the food (and the food had oil on it) and the oil seeped through the screen of the phone and ruined my phone (yikes!!!!).

At 12:00 we had Nutrition Class,  it was interesting but long. They pretty much told us things we already knew but it was a good refresher class.

Then my friends and I wanted to go to Whole Foods.  We took the right bus,  but in the wrong direction.  We got to Whole Foods but the one in the opposite direction. We didn’t realize it until we were trying to get back to the dorms.  So I had to call my mom and she guided us back to AU.  It was quite an adventure.

I played with my friends in their room (cards)to pass the time until we were told our placements.

I am in Level 5 !!!! Thats the level I was hoping to get into. But unfortunately,  my roommate is not in the same level as me but we can still hang out after and before class.

Time to get ready for bed.  First day of classes tomorrow and I was to be well rested and ready.

I hope you enjoyed this blog,



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