Road Trip (TWSB SI – Friday)

Hey guys,

Today my family and I packed our bags and hopped in the car and drove to Virginia. We drove to Virginia because that is where I are going to be staying until Sunday. Because then I go to the Washington School of Ballet SI, I am soooo excited. Also TWSB (the Washington School of Ballet ) gives you your room mates email so we could get to know each other before the SI, I really like that so now my room mate and I know each other.

While I am at the SI my family is going to stay at the hotel for 2 or 3 more days.

Most of the day was spent driving but when we got to the hotel we settled in and put all are stuff into the room. But the  room smelled like cigarets (ewww) so we moved rooms. And the room we are now in smells so much better.

Then when we were settled we went to get dinner. My brother and I got Five Guys and my mom and dad got Chipotle. Then we came back ate are dinner and now we are getting ready for bed and I am writing this.

I hope you enjoyed this post!!!

See you tomorrow,

Gabriella Alleyne



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