Washington School of Ballet SI update!!!

Hi guys,

I am going to Washington, D.C  this Friday to attend The Washington School of Ballet Summer Intensive.  I’m so excited but I’m also a little nervous too. Move in day and Orientation is Sunday, but I am getting there early so I can look at the neighborhood where I am going to be staying and get some extra stuff I need for the summer intensive.

As I said before, I am really excited, but a little nervous too. It is going to be my first summer intensive away from home. And I don’t know what my suite mates are going to be like. I really hope they are nice and it would be fun if all my roommates were new, so we could experience this together.

The dorms I am staying in are suites,  and each suite has two bedrooms, with two girls in each, two closets and a bathroom in between each bedroom to make up the suite.

On Monday, the first day of classes we all have to take another audition (placement class) so they can put us in our levels, I am a little nervous about that too. But I think I will get over my fears when I get there.

I still need to get some stuff for the summer intensive, so I am going with my mom to get them on Wednesday and maybe Thursday.

I can’t wait for the summer intensive. I will keep you guys updated.

P.S Comment down below if you are going to any summer intensives this year?

And comment any questions you have, and I will try to answer them in my next post!


Wish me luck,



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